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Hello to our customers.


We would like to draw your attention to!

Lot of oure custommers, contact us with the cocern, that there are lot of fake persons, who are prettending like oure partners..

In no case do not , conversate, ore replay , to some other emails, ore different persons , who are pretending to be oure company member.  For example bankskimmeredec@gmail.com  / bankskimmers@gmail.com / bankskimmerdevic@gmail.com / ore Other fake Arno Besons. Ore other else fake acounts , who claims to be oure representatives, and with oure company name , scam custommers!!!!!

If someone , writes you from different emails, emediatly contact us. Ore if someone, shows you oure photoes, please contact us. We will make one time marked product photoes, fore individual persons, who want toorder.

OURE OFFICIAL CONTACT'S : bankskimmerdevices@gmail.com (Arnol Benson)
OURE WEBSYTE : bankskimmerdevices.blogspot.com
OURE YOUTUBE CHANNEL  : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTA41aiyNFuWTBbyGnmH__Q

Alsow we would like to draw youre attention, for person John Fentuliny, he is a new type of scammer, he pretends that he has been scammed, and after than scamms other peoples. We had been wictims of his works. If its not so John, please provide the oposit information.. If there is need for wisible evidences, we can show that John Fentuliny is fraud boy. Screenshots with emails.....

Alsow be aware of person like benneysancez. He haw been taken all topix forum , where he is making fake feedbacks, respectivly , he is blaming us and scamming peoples, pretending oure partners .. Be aware peoples..
All rights reserved. bankskimmerdevices@gmail.com


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GSM data receiver for sale

                                         Gsm data receiver for sale !


Standart werssion.

This is GSM data receiver. It receives credit card data from POS terminals, only wireless POS terminals. Small size 10×4 Centimeters, with one charging it can works up to 8 hours and manufactured memory can capture about 3000 credit card data, with antenna it can take data in radius about 20 meters. Without antenna 2 meters. You can easy hide it in your clothes, car or any other place
The receiver contains  with special software to receive data and save it to memory. After you finish work all data is saved in it`s memory. Just connect it to your PC and easy download data.

GSM receiver kit price : 1500 EUR / 1900 USD

Shipping is included in price. All orders are ready for delivery in LESS than 24 hours after order is done and delivered with overnight shipping directly to your drop.
Shipping with DHL, UPS or FedEx.


NOTE: Original shipping charges are Non-Refundable.
Customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Defective/DOA: We accept returns for Defective/DOA items within 14 days of receipt by the customer. If you receive an item that is damaged or defective, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will, at our discretion, refund or replace the item. The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Right-of-Return: If you purchase an item, and decide within 14 days, that you no longer wish to keep it, we will accept it back for a refund, less a 15% restocking fee. This includes items that end up not being compatible or are simply the wrong part. You are responsible to determine compatibility before you purchase. For Right-of-Returns, items are expected to be in the same condition they were in when they left our warehouse. The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Free Shipping Returns: If you purchase an item with free shipping, and it is returned for a refund, the original shipping cost that we incurred will be deducted from the total refund.

Return Shipping: The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.


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Gas Pump skimmer


Gas Pump skimmer - 1150 Eur / 1520 USD


Price - 1150 EUR / 1520 USD


  • Based on GSM skimmer, like ATM skimmer
  • This skimmer you need to put in onley once , and receive data ewerywhere.
  • Green ore Red light/ Shows ERROR and shows possition when reads data.
  • Has the power button.
  • Reads - bi directional(Bilateral)
  • Full manual included

For more information contact us.

Contact Us: bankskimmerdevices@gmail.com


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Wincor Nixdorf NANNO for sale !





  • ATM(gsm) skimmer.
  • Frequently used In EU and USA.
  • Charged can taka 3500 - 4000 swipe.
  • Battery powered
  • Data has sortet by date and time.
For more information / details contact us.




Kits available:

ATM(gsm) skimmer Wincor(nano) - 750 EUR / 990 USD

Wincor(nano) + Pin Pad(gsm)  - 1200 EUR /  1590 USD

Nano Full kit - 1500 EUR / 1990 USD

Contact Us :bankskimmerdevices@gmail.com


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Available card skimmer kits. New skimmer devices


At the client's request we have created a compilation of price list .(Shipping is included  in price)

Skimmer full kit contains:

Pin Pad (gsm)
GSM skimmer - Your selected model.
MSR 206 reader/writter
Another recharqeable battery
Cables for charging
Scotch (two side) to fix skimmer.
User manual.
CD with software.

ATM skimmer - NANO(Wincor Nixdorf) 

NANO(gsm) - 750 EUR / 990 USD
Pin Pad(gsm) - 700 EUR / 930 USD
MSR 206 (+35 blank cards) – 400 EUR / 530 USD

NANO(gsm) + Pin Pad (gsm) – 
1200 EUR / 1590 USD
NANO full kit  - 1500 EUR / 1990 USD

ATM skimmer - NCR Green(gsm)

NCR green(gsm)   - 700 EUR / 930 USD
Pin Pad (gsm) - 700 EUR
 / 930 USD
MSR 206 (+35 blank cards) - 400
 EUR / 530 USD
NCR green(gsm) + Pin Pad (gsm) -
1200 EUR / 1590 USD
NCRgreen(gsm) full kit
 - 1400 EUR / 1850 USD

ATM skimmer - DIebold(gsm)

DIEBOLD(gsm) - 
650 EUR /860 USD
Pin Pad (gsm) – 
700 EUR / 930 USD
MSR 206 (+35  blank cards) – 
400 EUR / 530 USD
DIEBOLD(gsm) + Pin Pad (gsm) – 
1100 EUR / 1460 USD
DIEBOLD full kit - 
1300 EUR / 1725 USD

ATM skimmer - DIEBOLD white yellow input.

 DIEBOLD(gsm) White - 650 EUR / 860 USD

Pin Pad (gsm) – 
700 EUR / 930 USD

MSR 206 (+35  blank cards) – 
400 EUR / 530 USD

DIEBOLD(gsm) White + Pin Pad (gsm)– 
1300 EUR / 1725

ATM skimmer - Wincor Nixdorf(gsm)

Price list:
700 EUR / 930 USD
Pin Pad (gsm) – 
700 EUR / 930 USD
MSR 206 (+35  blank cards) – 400EUR / 530 USD

Wincor Nixdorf full kit. - 1400 EUR /1850 USD

Gass Pump skimmer (gsm)

Gass pump skimmer - 1150 EUR / 1520 USD

MSR 606 Stripe Reader

MSR 606 Stripe Reader - 400 EUR / 530 USD

Credit  Cards with magnetic blank.

Price for 100 pack is 110 EUR / 145 USD with shipping fees included.
*(If you order 2 packs price is 100 / 130 USD EUR for each 100 pack )
*(If you order 3 packs or more price is 85 EUR / 110 USD for each 100 pack)

Credit cards with Chip.

Price for pask (100cards) is 200 EUR / 265 USDwith shipping fees included.
*(If you order 2 packs price is 180 / 235 USD EUR for each 100 pack )
*(If you order 3 packs or more price is 170 EUR / 225 USD for each 100 pack)

Contact Us : bankskimmerdevices@gmail.com